Saturday, March 21, 2009

Vision Mizoram: Destination Mizoram Package Two

Day One
Arrival day, Cultural evening and sing
Day Two After breakfast proceed to man made lake Tam dil 3hrs drive from Aizawl. On the way you will experience typical Mizoram roads - up down zig zag drive and lots of wild and mild scenery. At Keifang road side restaurant take Mizo fast food - avoid hot and highly pungent bird-eye chillies unless you have metalic digestive system. Donot forget to buy fresh fruits from nearby street vendor. After another half hour drive you will be there at Tam Dil resort. Explore the beauty if lucky you may spot rare bird species. Collect rafting gear for the next day.

Day Three After breakfast and half hour drive down you will be dropped at Tuivawl river. Leave all your belongings to the SUV dicky, the vehicle will go to fetch you downsteam which is 80Km long and bumpy drive through paved and unpaved rough road from Suangpuilawn Kai. After bamboo rafting for 2 hrs break for refreshment and view bamboo rain forest both sides of the river. Avoid grabbing drift woods. Another 2 hr rafting you will take Mizo lunch - wrappped in wild banana leaf, different soups in bamboo mugs on the river bank. Guide in Mizo attire with their shy-smile will offer you water in Tuithawl. Board the SUV drive up to 6000ft above MSL Chalfilh hill top Resort. Donot miss taking sunset lit Mawmrang hill range and with a good zoom you may be able to capture Lengteng famous mountain, haven for wild life near Ngopa village. By night you will see twinkling spotted lights - these are villages scattered all over and the big one on the west will be Aizawl city.

Day Four OPTION Adventure : Get your trekking gear, insect repelant, camera and go trek for 8 hrs thick rain forest exploration. Once you are in there is no chance of going back. You will be amazed. From the foot hill drive to Sesawng for night halt.
Day Four OPTION Mountain Biking : Get your gear and head to nearest village called Buhban. Bike down to Khawruhlian and rest for Mizo lunch. Continue to bike down to Tuirini Kai, where this river merge with Tuirial to flow down to Bay of Bengal. After this your biking effort will be more tiring as you have to go up up and up until you reach night halt place at Sesawng.

Day Five/Six After rest and visit of Zawlbuk head back to Aizawl to stress relief at massage parlor. Explore local restaurant for dinner to rejoin farewell show. You will be escorted back to Lengpui airport.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Destination Mizoram Package One

Day one : Arrival Aizawl. At Dusk go fo panaromic Aizawl view by night. Join Mizo Dance and singsong.

Day Two : Destination Reiek Departure 7am

Leave Aizawl after breakfast by 7am and drive upto Lungleng Lal-in (Chief 's House). Take a break and enjoy the scenic beauty. Carry only light backpack containing camera, water, mobile phone, insect repelant and other essentials. Wear trekking boot and purchase bamboo walking stick to support you in slopes and when exhausted.

By 9am leave Lungleng to go walking rain forest down to the river Tlawng. You will pass through forest where you can see only the sky and sometimes too close to the cliff and at other time steep steps.You will be surprised how you pass the cliff and later walk below. After 3 hour of walk you will reach the river. Take rest by the river side hut, and enjoy Mizo black tea served with local sticky rice and Lungleng kurtai served by Mizo girls in their traditional dress.

Get ready for river rafting, you may need to wear life jacket and helmet as you will pass through rapids. Here you have a choice to ride - one is bamboo raft and the other is country boat. After 2 hours you will reach Reiek Kai and you may need to have your late lunch in the riverside hut while enjoying the breeze.

By 3pm you drive to Reiek hill Resort and then walk to the hill top to appreciate beautiful sunset. To more adventurous one can walk back through the thick forest to your cottage at Reiek hill Resort or walk back through bridle path..

Have a quick shower and get ready for the cultural evening.

Day Three/Four : Relief stress at local massage parlor after window shopping and visit of museum and Mizo Taj/ Join Mizo cultural evening and dinner or go to local Indian restaurant. You will be escorted by guide back to Lengpui airport


(Ngopa Version)

1.Pathlawia'n beng rawh se kal ruaiin
Sirva kal thiam val ka lam lii liai dawn e;
Phunchawnpui thli chhem a her ang hian.

2.Phaia'n phun bungpui a thuam ang hian,
Lalhmingthangpa Lal lai bung ang a thuam e;
Upper Middle kaina tlang liai luai.

3.Tu lung nge leng zawk i hril dun ang,
Kei a lunglen kham tlang pang la ang hianin;
A len in leng der e, leng der e.

4.Hei hi maw Lianngo i hmel lo ni,
I sakhming riak kan sawina Zawlkhaw daiah;
Tawng lovin tlaini ka leng leh thin.

5.Nangmah hi maw Lal lai Sangzuala,
Bel zu kungan i par ka tlan rih dawn e;
Salam ka buk ang che dam reng rawh.

(Remchangah Video add ka tum ang)

For Mizoram

Mizoram hi a hmasawn zelna tura vei tak tak kan tam ve ta hle mai. Kan ram riangte hi a hmasawn theihna tur hian thalai te hian han vei zual sela. Kan politician te hian an phak ang tawk chu an kalpui tawh hlawma tun dinhmun hi kan ding chu a nia le. Duhthawh a na hle thin. Thang leh thar te tana RO tling hi kan la hnutchhiah tlem em avang erawh hi chuan, beihpui thlak a ngai tih hi chu tuman kan hai awm love. Mahni awmna hmun theuh a kan ram tana tha tur kan vei zawng te sawiho hi a pawimawh hle in ka hria. Thupui hran ah han then hrang ila -

1. Education and Human Resource: Zirna hi kan buaipui vek hlawm mai. Tul tak ani reng a. Kan education system hi siamthat a ngai a ni, tun ang bek beka a kal hi chuan hma kan sawn muan laiin mite hmasawnna a chak si a kan hnufum der chu a ni ta mai a. Human Resource hi ngaih pawimawh a tul hle mai. Sawrkara hna awm apiang hi chu diltu hian kan tam hneh hle mai. Sawrkar kher lo sumdawnna kaltlang eizawnna siam thei lah kan la tam si lo. Kan thalaite an thiamna neih ang angin India ram hmun hrang hrangah an feh chhuak meka. A tam zawk feh chhuah zel pawh a tul hle. A pawimawh zawk chu chhawrtlak mi kan tam a ngai. Sports lama India langtham kan nei thei te hi a va hlu em. Chhawrtlak tam tura ZIRNA hmun emaw trainingna hmun kan nei lo. ITI level atanga University thleng, chunga zirchhuak ho te mi rawih tlaka lo groom lehna institution/academy pawh kan mamawh. Khawvel ram hrang hrang te tawng chi hrang hrang (eg Chinese, Spanish, German, Japan etc tawng) zirna telin.

2. Infrastructure (Hmasawnna ruhrel) : UT leh State niin mahni ro in rel in hei kum 37 zet chu kan kal ve ta a. Infrastructure rintlak leh phuisui (sustainable) kan la nei miah lo hi rualawh a na duh hle mai. Physical Infrastructure ah Basic Needs a awm anga, Economic need a awm anga, FDI attraction need te pawh awm bawk tur ani. Institutional leh Social lam pawh hmaih hauh loh tur a ni ang. Heng hi sawi zauh theih tak anih rualin kan mamawh miah loh thil thengreng ah hian kan in hmangral tur erawh a ni miah lo. Ram tana ro tling hmasawnna ruhrel (assets) siam hi a hmanhmawh thlak tawhin a va tul in kan va mamawh em. Chung kan assets te chu tha taka kan maintain theih a pawimawh. Chung asset management ah pawh chuan Capacity building kan mamawh hle ang. Heng lam khawihtu te pawh hi kan intuaihriam zel pawh a tul hle bawk.

3. Industry: Handlloom and Handicraft atanga Paper Mill din thleng te kan tum a tul. Manufacturing chauh hi tunlaiah Industry an ti ta lo, Hotel, Hospital, Tourism thlengin Industry ah ngaih a ni ta. Heng hi mi hausa remhria mi enterprising ni tel bawk te din chi an ni. Chung atan chuan policy mumal kan neih a ngai ang. Socio-Religious-Environment pawisawi lo thlan thiam pawh a tul hle ang. Kan hnam zia leh Kohran leh khawtlang duhdan pawhin heng hlawhtlinna hi a hril thui hle ang. Raw Material te, Product Marketting te leh State leh Central Govt in eng Incentive nge a pek tul pawh thliar a ngai hle ang. Tun kawn sawi lo haw lo sela subsidy lem leh tak changaIndustry tam tak tuna ding mek ho hi Industry kan sawi tum hi a ni lo. Kan duh emaw duh lo emaw khawvel hmasawn zel hian min chim bawrh bawrh dawn, look east policy te pawh hi a tak ram a thleng ngei ngei dawn, chumi mila kal thiam kan zir a ngai. ICT /ITES e-commerce kan hman tangkai thiam pawh a tul ang. Technician heng Industry hrang hranga rawih tlak mi kan inchher pawh a tul bawk. Helai hi kan than-mawh-bawk a nih rualin kalphung mumal kan chheh fel chuan mihring chhawrtlak chu kan nei ngei ang. Chutichung chuan hnamdang kan rawih erawh a bang hauh lovang. Heng Industry hrang hrang mamawh tur hi behbawm tamtak a awm sawi sen a ni lo. Chung behbawm atan a huho a hma lak kan thiam pawh a tul bawk ang.

4. Privatisation: Sawrkarin engkim tih a tum hi bansan a hun tawh. LPS leh Zonet han inel te Taxi leh Sumo service te hi tetham hle mahse privatisation that zia tilang tu a ni. Doordarshan ai chuan LPS/Zonet kan en duhin kan hlut fe zawk. Heng ang hi control leh regulate erawh mipui leh operator te interest ve ve veng rana kalpui erawh a tul. Vanlalsailova te thian ho in Solid Waste Manangement lam hawia khawpui thenfai an han tum te hi initiative tha anih rualin, khawpui vawn fai te hi chu privatise ngei ngei tur a ni. Ram changkang zawng zawng tihdan pawh a ni. Govt hna hrang hrang pawh hi out-source tur a ni eg Press, Dak sem, Office cleaning & security, bill khawn electric leh tui etc etc, Power transmission & distribution, water supply, Govt asset managment hrang hrang, Tourist Lodges, internet services to Govt & educational institution. Sawisen a ni lo. Govt hi chuan vehicle pawh a maintain thiam lo, Pu Zoamthanga a CM laia a tuipui ber bamboo industry reng a hlawhchham mai hi.

5. Social Change: Kan pi leh pute khawsak zia leh tunlai hi han khaikhin ila change chu a tam hle. Heng change hi ram hmasawnna dal lo leh tithuanawp zawng ni lovin, kan her-rem thiam a pawimawh khawp mai. Mithiam kan mamawh a, kaihruaitu kan mamawh hle. Ramthang tur chuan "Mizo chauh" ti tlur si lova, Zo-fate kan inpuahchah a ngai. USA ah chuan Surname nei lo chuan driving license or social security a nei thiang lo. Kan hming ziak dan pawh hi hming pakhat pawt ni lo Surname (heihi thlahtu hming or chi leh kuang hming pawh a ni thei ang) kan dah ngei a tul tlat. Heng lo pawh hi social change kan mamawh tul tak debate tur a tam hle ang. Rinawmna, taihmakna, dan zawm that leh hun vawn dik lamah pawh hian change kan va mamawh em. Chanchinbu a kan thil ziak dan thleng hian thlak danglam tul a tam ta hle. Sports leh Music lama kan hmingthan dan te kan tupui dan te pawh hi change chu a ngai a ni.

6. Good governance: Tunlai kan tupui a ni, sawi rawtui vak aia, a tak ram min hruaithleng zo leader kan mamawh. Mipui te pawh dan leh hrai zawm lamah kan than ve ngei ngei a ngai bawk. Everybody has Role to play anih rualin kan ministry leh sawrkar hotu lawk te an pawimawh zual, midang kan hai ang tihna ni loivin.

7. Mizo zia: Hnam dang te'n Mizo zia chu taima, rinawm, hun vawng dik, dan zawm tha, rintlak, thawhpui nuam, thian tha, sakhaw mi tih hi min hriat dan nise. Mizo chu mai mai mawle tih kalh tur hian Indo na in a tihchhiat zawh loh Japan, German, Korea leh Vietnam te hlawhtlinna bul hi a thalai kan laka; miten Mizo kan ni tih an hriat ringawt pawha kan zia tur an hriat theih nan - Mizo la-nu-val rual te hmatiang-sawn (continual improvement) zel kan mamawh tumah kan bang thei lovang.